New Jersey, USA
(+1) 631-682-6118
Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Christopher Kramvis is the Chief Investment Officer of the Fund. He has over 10 years of experience developing machine learning platforms spanning both trading and advertising technology. Prior to the Fund, Mr. Kramvis worked for various algorithmic trading firms including Jump Trading and Tower Research as a portfolio manager building fully automated black box strategies for futures and equities. Having built strategies from the ground up, he is thoroughly familiar with all stages of algorithm development including research, validation and deployment. Mr. Kramvis also built and lead the Data Science department at Unified, an NY based social media company, where his team produced many revenue enhancing products and innovations. Chris earned a BS in Computer Science, BA in Mathematics and BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Uppili Krishnamachari is the Chief Information Officer of the Fund. Integrating his background in data science and engineering, Dr. Krishnamachari is passionate about developing novel approaches to financial investment and furthering the Fund's scientific processes and techniques. Dr. Krishnamachari has worked for several startups solving problems in trading, accounting, laser engineering and social media advertising technology. Uppili received his BS from the University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana in Electrical Engineering and his doctorate from the University of California - Santa Barbara in Electrical Engineering.