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Pioneering Systematic Trading Since 2018
DropShot is an algorithmic private investment company specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We believe that the investment process should be as scientific as possible and not influenced by human bias.
Our goal is create products for our investors that are:
1) Purely Quantitative 2) Liquid 3) Transparent 4) ESG Aware

DropShot’s partners have extensive experience building and deploying large scale machine learning solutions. Our systems are constantly sourcing, evaluating, and integrating new alpha sources into our investment decisions, from trading universe selection, to strategy development, to live trading portfolio management and execution. It’s our mission to continuously improve our processes and outcomes for our clients.

DropShot is also aware of the important role that ESG plays in investing and the world. We have created proprietary ESG scores for all of our investments that are directly fed into our portfolio management system. The biggest offenders are automatically removed from the portfolio and funds are redistributed.

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